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Master of Science in Human Resources Management | Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean, College of Business

Master of Science in Human Resources Management | Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Cheryl Noll discusses what one can expect from a Master of Science in Human Resources Management degree from South University.

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My name is Dr. Cheryl Noll. I am the Dean of the College of Business at South University. The Master of Science in Human Resource Management at South University examines the functional areas of human resources, and it includes labor relations. It includes human resource law. It includes ethics, leadership change management.

So it really gives the student a very broad perspective of what human resources is. And it prepares students to go into the work field in the position of human resource manager, or human resource specialist. Students who are transitioning into the field, will be employed in roles such as human resources manager, a human resources specialist, compensation manager, training and development manager, and labor law.

The laws and regulations that govern the field, and govern how organizations interact with their employees, are changing constantly. And so this program has all of those elements. And will prepare students for the future.

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Master of Science in Human Resources Management

The role of Human Resources has evolved. As many people working in the field know, strategic Human Resources Management (HRM) is not just about hiring and firing, it’s about applying the principles of leadership to help companies grow and succeed. South University’s Masters of Science in Human Resources Management (HRM) online degree program explores the many roles successful HR Management professionals must master, including key topics such as:

  • Employment and labor laws
  • Generally accepted business and ethical principles
  • HR planning and measurement
  • Consultative approaches to change management

Prepare to Tackle Tough HR Challenges

Throughout the program, the MS in Human Resources Management program focuses on how to meet organizational goals by managing human capital and applying best-practice. By the end of the MS in HRM program, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate strategic HRM practices and procedures in a systematic manner, including employee and labor relations, workplace safety, health and security, and global programs in terms of human and financial impact (direct and indirect) on the organization and in consideration of the local, national and global environment.
  • Apply ethical principles, generally accepted business practices, and employment and labor laws with stakeholders in the decision- making process about HR policies, practices, or initiatives.
  • Demonstrate the contribution of human resource planning, management and diversity initiatives to organizational stakeholders using generally accepted HR metrics and measurements.
  • Define staffing (recruitment and selection), training and development, retention and performance management concepts, processes and policies as part of an integrated whole, and not as an isolated functional area of HRM to develop programs that meet broader organizational needs and enable the organization to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Develop classification, compensation, and benefits both direct and indirect that meet the strategies and constraints of the organization and its environments.
  • Analyze organizational development and change management principles using consultative approaches to realize the Human Resources vision through effective organizational leadership.

Take HRM Courses Online on Your Schedule

If you’re interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, South University’s program is designed for working professionals. The 48-credit program consists of 12 comprehensive courses that are available online and can be completed in as little as 12 months*. This graduate-level degree program is open to students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study.

Learn more about South University’s Master of Science in Human Resources Management online program today.

*The stated completion time is suggested and may not be typical of all students. Please speak to your advisor to help determine the appropriate credit load and completion time for you along with the process and repercussions of adding and dropping classes.

Note: This program is not available to residents of Alabama, California, Delaware, Washington DC, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island.


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