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Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Watch to learn more about South University's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology | Dr. Angelo Thalassinidis, Department Chair, Information Systems and Technology

"Dr. Angelo Thalassinidis outlines the structure, expectations, and benefits of earning a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree at South University."

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My name is Dr. Angelo Thalassinidis. I'm the Department Chair for Information Systems and Technology at South University. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology focuses in four areas. And those are data bases, software development, networking and security. We need students who are critical thinkers but they are self motivated. They are creative. And they want to make a difference.

Students can attend both online and on campus, both mentalities, they have the same fundamental principles. This degree prepares students to enter the field of information technology in an entry level position with a solid background and solid foundation that can help them make a career out of it.

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Information technology (IT) careers require specialists who can keep up with a continually changing digital landscape—which is exactly what you’ll have the opportunity to learn in South University’s online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program.

Led by IT administrators and faculty with broad industry leadership backgrounds, academic experience, and a strong understanding of the job market, our online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program teaches you the critical thinking and discipline-specific knowledge you’ll need to pursue a career in IT.

Throughout your classes, you can develop a strong foundation in computer programming, database technology, network technology, information systems security, and software engineering. With your elective courses, you can focus in on a specific area or obtain a more broad IT skill set. Either way, your coursework will combine thoughtful analysis and case studies with hands-on projects you can share with potential employers to showcase your skills and ability to excel in today’s technology-dependent workplace.

Develop Technical Skills

Upon completing the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze information systems’ impact on businesses and organizations and demonstrate an ability to manage, create, and/or modify information systems.
  • Communicate clearly your understanding of and solutions for common technology problems.
  • Demonstrate discipline-specific knowledge including a thorough understanding of the terminology, applied usage, application to business problems, and deployment of technology resources.
  • Display competence with database management technology, information systems security, multimedia web technology, networking technology, project management, software development, and systems analysis.

Prepare for an Exciting Career in IT

Graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program typically pursue entry-level positions across the IT development lifecycle in planning, analysis, development, testing, deployment, service, program management, or technical support. These include:

  • Technical sales support engineer, sales engineer
  • Systems engineer, systems analyst, computer systems analyst
  • Information security analyst, computer security analyst
  • Software engineer, software developer, computer programmer
  • Database developer, Web developer
  • Software tester, quality assurance tester
  • Computer network architect, network engineer
  • Product support engineer, systems support engineer
  • Customer support analyst, customer support IT specialist, computer user support specialist
  • Computer systems administrator, database administrator, network administrator

Earn an Online Information Technology Degree on Your Schedule

South University’s online information technology degree program offers you the flexibility and control to access your classes and resources anytime, day or night, so that you can pursue your information technology degree online, whenever it’s most convenient for you. Our faculty and staff also make sure that online never means out of touch, supporting you every step of the way as you prepare for your future in IT.

Request more information today about earning an online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree from South University.

Note: This program is not available to residents of Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington DC.


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