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Online Master of Science in Nursing with a Specialization in Nurse Administrator (RN to MSN) Courses

RN to Master of Science in Nursing***
Undergraduate Nursing (45 transfer credits + 30 credits from South University)
NSG3006 Professional Nursing Practice, 2 Credit Hours
NSG3012 Principles of Assessment for RNs, 4 Credit Hours
NSG3016 Caring for a Multicultural Society, 2 Credit Hours
NSG3028 Caring for the Community, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4028 Concepts of Teaching and Learning, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4029 Leadership in a Diverse Society, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4064 Financial Management for Nurses, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4070 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, 2 Credit Hours
Nursing Elective (choose one): 4 Credits
NSG4065 Complementary and Alternative Methods in Nursing, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4066 Palliative Care, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4067 Gerontological Nursing, 4 Credit Hours
Graduate Nursing (Students must complete core credits and one specialization)
Core: 24 Credits
NSG5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse: Transformational Leadership in Advanced Practice, 4 Credit Hours
NSG5002 Advanced Theoretical Perspectives for Nursing, 4 Credit Hours
NSG5003 Advanced Pathophysiology, 4 Credit Hours


NSG6001 Advanced Nursing Practice I, 4 Credit Hours


NSG6002 Health Policy and Health Promotion in Advanced Nursing Practice, 4 Credit Hours
NSG6101 Nursing Research Methods, 4 Credit Hours
Specialization in Nurse Administrator: 28 Credits for Specialization, 217 Total Credits for Program

Offered at South University, Online Programs.

MHC6306 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations, 4 Credit Hours
NSG6005 Pharmacology, 4 Credit Hours


NSG6601 Managing Complex Healthcare Systems, 4 Credit Hours
NSG6605 Quality Outcomes and Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations, 4 Credit Hours
NSG6620 Practicum I: Quantitative Skills in Nursing Administration, 4 Credit Hours
NSG6630 Practicum II: Qualitative Skills in Nursing Administration, 4 Credit Hours
NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing, 4 Credit Hours