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Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

South University 2020 Graduation

Join South University’s Health Science program at the Richmond campus. This Health Science program offers a generalist track or a specialization in Public Health to better align with your career goals. As part of the Health Science degree, the curriculum consists of studies in humanities, math, science, business, and the evolving healthcare delivery system in the U.S. After completing South University’s Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree, you may pursue entry-level employment* at a number of healthcare settings, like health practitioners’ offices, hospitals, home healthcare services, outpatient care services, nursing care facilities, health insurance companies, and state and government healthcare programs.

*South University does not promise or guarantee employment.

South University, Richmond, and South University, Virginia Beach, are certified to operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia pursuant to Title 23, Chapter 21.1, §23-276.4 of the Code of Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (James Monroe Building, 101 North 14th St; Richmond, VA 23219; 804-225-2600;

Admissions Requirements

General Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be admitted to any of the undergraduate programs at South University, the prospective student must provide proof of high school graduation as recognized by the state of residence on the date the degree was earned, or the equivalent (e.g. GED with no single test score below 145 or numeric score equivalent to 2.0 on old version or state-issued certificate designated as the equivalent of a High School Diploma) with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. The prospective student must also complete the university administered placement tests prior to the start of the first quarter for campus students and during the first session of attendance for online students. South University accepts the International Baccalaureate Program diploma as meeting the requirement for high school graduation. Credentials earned outside the United States must be evaluated by a NACES or AICE-member credential evaluation service.  Please speak with an admissions representative for more information.

Students with less than the minimum CGPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale may meet admissions requirements by submitting a minimum combined SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math) score of 700 or 900 on the old SAT, a combined ACT score of 18, or a satisfactory score on the university-administered admissions examination (see the Admissions Office) or meet the criteria established for acceptance as a transfer student.

Students with less than the minimum CGPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale may be admitted provisionally for two quarters. Failure to achieve a 1.5 CGPA in the first two quarters of attendance will result in dismissal.  Students may appeal the dismissal by following the Procedures for Appealing Academic/Financial Aid Dismissal Policy.

To facilitate the admissions process, unofficial documentation, such as copies of transcripts or grade reports, may be used to determine admission status. Transfer status cannot be designated, however, without some verifying documentation. Admissions test scores on university administered entrance exams will not be accepted from other universities. Prospective students must take a University administered admission exam, like the Accuplacer, at South University.

A student's failure to provide acceptable verification of proof of high school graduation within 5*/10 weeks of his or her start date will result in the following:

  • Removal from class
  • Cancellation of enrollment
  • No final course grades
  • No transcript

NOTES: Students who do not provide proof of high school graduation within the 5*/10-week period will not be responsible for any tuition and related fees.

South University may grant exceptions to the 5*/10-week period for unusual situations or circumstances.  All exceptions must be submitted to the office of the University Registrar for approval.

Please see the policy on GPA Calculation for Admission for additional information

*Effective March 22, 2022 - Students beginning classes at the Montgomery campus or High Point Off Campus Instructional Site will have five weeks to submit acceptable documentation. ​*Effective April 1, 2022 - Students beginning classes at the Richmond and West Palm Beach campuses will have five weeks to submit acceptable documentation.  *Effective May 31, 2022 - Students beginning classes at the Tampa and Orlando campuses will have five weeks to submit acceptable documentation. *Effective July 12, 2022 - Students beginning classes at the Austin and Columbia campuses will have five weeks to submit acceptable documentation. *Effective August 16, 2022 - Students beginning classes at the Savannah and Virginia Beach campuses will have five weeks to submit acceptable documentation.

Career Outlook

Potential job titles may include but are not limited to: 
Research Assistant
Health Educator
Pharmacy Sales Representative
Patient Care Advocate
Health Science Writer
Organ Transplant Coordinator
Medical Equipment Sales Representative
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Course Requirements

Please see the South University academic catalog for program specific course requirements.


Offered at Columbia, Richmond and Virginia Beach.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program is designed to provide a firm foundation for competency development in health sciences or in public health that prepares graduates to seek entry-level employment in a range of positions in the healthcare industry. Such employment occurs at facilities including health practitioners' offices, hospitals, home healthcare services, outpatient care services, nursing care facilities, health insurance companies, and state and government healthcare programs. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate study and the recognition of the need and ability to engage in continued personal and professional growth in the healthcare field.

The Core Curriculum of the University which is completed in the first two years of the program is designed to provide students with a foundation in the humanities, mathematics and science. During the second two years, the curriculum provides for a broad focus on essential business knowledge, the evolving healthcare delivery system in the United States, and knowledge development and utilization in the health sciences.

The specialization in Public Health provides the educational underpinnings needed for entry-level positions in the Public Health profession. A variety of career paths exists for students completing the specialization in Public Health. While a portion of these students may obtain employment within for-profit entities, other individuals would likely seek entry-level employment within the public and not-for-profit sectors for which knowledge of and skills in Public Health are important. The emphasis on specialized knowledge in Public Health at the upper division level allows for a compelling educational pathway from the undergraduate program in Health Sciences to graduate study, either at the master's level or doctoral level, in Public Health. The specialization is designed to provide beginning application skills, in the areas of policy, planning and evaluation, management and administration, and healthcare law.

After successful completion of the Health Sciences program, students receive a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree. Completion of the first two years of the BS in Health Sciences degree program may provide students with the required prerequisite courses to apply for professional programs such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program. However, admission to these programs is competitive at most institutions (including South University) and is not guaranteed. Students interested in transferring credit must consult with the institution that they wish to attend in order to determine if and under what circumstances courses will transfer. This consultation should occur before taking the courses. Please be aware that some institutions will not accept online science and laboratory courses for transfer credit.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates should be able to:

  1. Utilize the principles and theories of the natural, social, behavioral, and health sciences to serve as competent and considerate healthcare professionals.
  2. Demonstrate effective and culturally sensitive written, oral and interpersonal communication skills with individuals, groups and peers in a variety of healthcare settings.
  3. Identify and apply exemplary ethical and professional behaviors in various healthcare positions and organizations.
  4. Apply creative and critical thinking skills to identify, explore, and develop alternative solutions for a range of healthcare delivery system issues and challenges.
  5. Effectively search, analyze and report on healthcare related data through the application of information technology and health management information systems.
  6. Effectively apply organizational and management skills that incorporate knowledge of the political, financial, economic, and public health issues which impact the healthcare delivery system.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a specialization in Public Health, graduates should be able to:

  1. Describe the interaction between resource management, organizational theory, marketing and public policy to safeguard and sustain the public health of individuals and populations.
  2. Apply principles of public health planning collaboratively with health service providers, policy makers, and healthcare consumers in the implementation and evaluation of health promotion programs.
  3. Identify and analyze current and emerging issues facing the health of diverse communities and populations.
  4. Describe and critically evaluate public health research questions to proactively develop and design innovative healthcare programs.
  5. Prepare for continued studies in advanced Public Health degree programs.
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