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Anesthesiologist Assistant Program Mission

The mission of South University - Savannah’s Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is to prepare competent entry-level Anesthesiologist Assistants who will practice in the anesthesia care team model. Students will learn to provide safe and efficacious anesthesia care to patients of all ages and degrees of illness for a complete range of surgical procedures.

The program strives to enhance the overall knowledge and practice of the anesthesia care team by providing students with proficiencies in physiology, pharmacology, patient monitoring, anesthesia equipment and the principles of safe anesthesia care.

The program provides education in current practices in anesthesiology and seeks to instill the highest standards of professionalism and service to patients and the community.

The Anesthesiologist Assistant Program will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing the necessary foundation in biomedical and anesthesia sciences for understanding the basis of safe and efficacious delivery of anesthesia care.
  • Facilitating development of the fundamental skills and judgment necessary for safe and efficacious delivery of anesthesia care.
  • Promoting effective communication skills for patient care and interaction with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Promoting scientific literacy by encouraging students to acquire and evaluate medical information effectively, efficiently, and critically.
  • Providing a humane atmosphere that promotes a scholarly approach to learning.
  • Promoting ethical and moral behavior.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning.
  • Providing an environment of academic and clinical excellence.

Goals and Commitments

The primary goal of the program is to produce outstanding clinical anesthetists with good moral and ethical conduct. The Program has an obligation to the public, to employers and to the Anesthesiologist Assistant profession that the awarding of a Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia Science degree to graduates signifies that the faculty agrees that the student has attained some absolute level of safety and proficiency in the delivery of anesthesia care and has demonstrated ethical and moral conduct in the pursuit of their education.

Students who perform poorly academically, clinically or professionally will be counseled, offered remediation and carefully monitored for suitability to continue in the Program. Students must demonstrate competence in all three areas in order to graduate.

The Program has an obligation to students to provide learning experiences of the highest quality in the classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. It is continually evaluating the educational process and solicits feedback and comments from students regarding their educational experience. The Program provides learning opportunities for students and also expects students to take the initiative and assume the responsibility for optimizing their own educational experience.

The Program has an obligation to the faculty to provide the most qualified students through a fair and impartial admissions process, and to provide the facilities, instructional tools, and other resources to support and facilitate the learning process.