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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Watch to learn more about South University's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology | Dr. Angelo Thalassinidis, Department Chair, Information Systems and Technology

"Dr. Angelo Thalassinidis outlines the structure, expectations, and benefits of earning a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree at South University."

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My name is Dr. Angelo Thalassinidis. I'm the Department Chair for Information Systems and Technology at South University. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology focuses in four areas. And those are data bases, software development, networking and security. We need students who are critical thinkers but they are self motivated. They are creative. And they want to make a difference.

Students can attend both online and on campus, both mentalities, they have the same fundamental principles. This degree prepares students to enter the field of information technology in an entry level position with a solid background and solid foundation that can help them make a career out of it.

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Almost all businesses rely on information systems to be successful and efficient. This field requires specialists who can keep up with the continually changing landscape of the digital world, and that’s what South University delivers.

Our Bachelor of Science degree provides you with the foundation for understanding the function and process of computer programming, database design, network design, information security, and software engineering. Case studies and relevant projects further prepare students for the technology-dependent workplace. And we offer specializations in Database Development and Administration, Information Systems Security, Network Administration and Management, and Multimedia and Web Development so you can focus your learning and get the most out of your education.

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