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Group of School of Pharmacy women posing in front of the shool's logo

A new student chapter of the Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) is ramping up at the South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah. In honor of the South University stingray mascot, students named the group PediaRays.

South University Doctor of Pharmacy student Jazmin Eusebe is the founder and president of PediaRays. After explaining her vision and goals, Jazmin quickly won the support of Pharmacy Dean Dr. Abby Kahaleh, PhD, MPH, MS, BPharm, FAACP. Dr. Kahaleh approved the organization in April. 

“PediaRays’ mission is to enhance the knowledge of pediatric pharmacy within the Savannah community and to expose students to the clinical complexities that pediatric pharmacists undergo,” shares Dr. Kahaleh. “PediaRays aligns with the mission and values of South University School of Pharmacy.”

Jazmin, who is also vice president of the School of Pharmacy’s Class of 2026, has always enjoyed spending time with children and felt drawn to pediatric pharmacy. Yet she was nervous about the idea of pediatric rotations. She wanted to ensure that every child would get the dosage they needed. Jazmin soon learned that others shared her interest in wanting to learn more and build skills for working with pediatric patients. 

Thus inspired, Jazmin started PediaRays. She created bylaws, goals, and a high-level proposal. Everything came together, and when Jazmin held a meeting to assess interest in PediaRays, dozens of students attended.

The group also secured a faculty advisor, Dr. Kline Whitely, who has experience in pediatric and neonatal pharmacy. In addition to a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Georgia, Dr. Whitley holds a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration earned from South University, Savannah in 2024.

Three women from the School of Pharmacy posting together at an event

Already, PediaRays has built a strong leadership team. In addition to Jazmin, the team includes five Doctor of Pharmacy students:

  • Winter Montgomery, vice president 
  • Tamieka Vinson, vice president of communication
  • Taylor Mcloon, secretary
  • Stacy Naagbi, treasurer 
  • Bailey Nelson, media chair

The group is passionate about helping all healthcare providers and administrators understand pharmaceutical best practices that protect this vulnerable population. Like Jazmin, these students realize it is crucial to calculate pediatric dosing correctly. Giving too much or too little could have serious complications. For those who have had young family members experience illness, the topic is even more personal. Most of all, every student involved wants to help children live happy and healthy lives.

The PediaRays team is currently organizing an event that will bring awareness to patient safety in pediatric medicine. The group also hopes to host speakers on campus in the fall.

“We look forward to fostering a strong and fruitful relationship with PPA and its members,” said Dr. Kahaleh. “The collaboration between our institutions will bring valuable opportunities for students, faculty, and the broader community. We are eager to support PediaRays's initiatives and events as well as explore joint endeavors to further the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry.”