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BS to MS in Accounting | Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean, College of Business

BS to MS in Accounting | Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean of the College of Business, outlines the structure, and advantage, of the BS to MS in Accounting program.

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My name is Dr. Cheryl Knoll. I am the Dean of the College of Business at South University.

So the Bachelor of Science to the Master of Science in Accounting at South University, offers a student the opportunity to complete both undergraduate and the graduate degree all in one program.

A typical class has a high expectation for performance. The courses allow the student to learn and study theory but take that theory and apply it and practice it as is required in accounting programs.

Graduates of this program would seek employment in public accounting firms or in a corporate environment. They would serve in roles such as auditors, managerial accountants, public accountants. So, there are a variety of positions that are available to students who are completing this program.

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