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Master of Science in Accounting | Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean, College of Business

Master of Science in Accounting | Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dean of the College of Business, lists some of the many reasons why students pursue the Master of Science in Accounting program at South University.

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My name is Dr. Cheryl Noll. I am the Dean of the College of Business at South University. The Master of Science in Accounting program is targeted towards students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in accounting. They are usually working in the field and are seeking advancement in their position or seeking other positions in the field of accounting.

In the Master of Science in Accounting program, which is a fully online program, students engage with each other in the online course. They engage with the faculty through discussion and interactions, responses to the discussions.

In addition, the faculty are available to students in the course and outside of the course. In the classroom, the students are exposed to theory and then they are given multiple opportunities to apply that theory. That is key to understanding accounting. You have to practice, and students are given many opportunities to practice what it is that they are learning.

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Online Accounting Master’s Degree

If you’re ready to enhance your skills in corporate or public accounting, South University’s Master of Science in Accounting online program can help you acquire the practical, real-world knowledge you need, all in a supportive environment with faculty committed to your success.

In your online accounting master’s degree courses, you can improve your analytic thinking and math competencies, while gaining familiarity with accounting, auditing, and taxation principles that may help you to excel as an accountant in a number of business settings.

Expand Your Accounting Skill Set

After completing the online accounting master’s degree program, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding and application of accounting, auditing, and taxation principles in a variety of business settings.
  • Use critical analysis skills to apply contemporary accounting principles and practices to the decisions faced by evolving business organizations.
  • Integrate knowledge, principles, and professional viewpoints from the accounting and business domains to articulate innovative solutions to organizational challenges.
  • Critique and apply the concepts, principles, and methods gleaned from professional and academic accounting research to challenges in the accounting profession.
  • Demonstrate ethical perspectives, values, and professional responsibilities required in the accounting profession.

Prepare for Taking Your CPA Exam

When combined with a completed bachelor’s degree, the accounting and business coursework in the MS in Accounting online program may qualify you to take the Certified Public Accounting Examination. All students should familiarize themselves with the specific candidacy requirements of the State Board of Accountancy in the particular state in which they wish to take the CPA examination.

South University does not guarantee third-party certification/licensure. Outside agencies control the requirements for taking and passing certification/licensing exams and are subject to change without notice to South University.

Earn a Master of Science in Accounting Online on Your Schedule

South University’s online Accounting master’s degree program offers you the flexibility and control to access your classes anytime, day or night, so that you can pursue your MS in Accounting online, whenever it’s most convenient for you. Our faculty and staff also make sure that online never means out of touch, supporting you every step of the way as you work toward achieving your goals.

Learn more about South University’s Master of Science in Accounting online program today.

Note: This program is not available to residents of Alabama, North Carolina, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington DC.


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