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Online Bachelor of Business Administration

Sandra Haack | Bachelor of Business Administration, 2017 | South University, Online

Sandra Haack is a 2017 graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration program at South University, Online. Learn how pursuing a business degree helped Sandra pursue her passions.

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Graduated high school and I actually took some time off and kind of went to community college to try to figure out kinda what I was doing with life. And then, I found South University and it's been fantastic so far, enjoyed all the classes. And now, I'm graduating. It's phenomenal. My name is Sandra Haack and I am getting a degree in business with a concentration in marketing. I love to travel and adventure, I guess you could say. It just fits so perfectly. To be able to still travel, still work, it was just absolutely convenient. To be able to have someone to lean on and help kind of re shift your classes so it all works out, I just kept going. And to have the help was great. It's doable. It's achievable. It's worth it and you can do it.

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Build the skills and knowledge you need to pursue your career in business with the Bachelor of Business Administration online degree program at South University.

In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn practical, real world business competencies from a faculty dedicated to your success. As you complete your business administration courses online, you’ll explore fundamental business strategies and how to adapt them for changing marketplace conditions. In addition to studying management, marketing, and operational strategy, you can learn how to apply effective communication and leadership techniques in courses like Organizational Behavior, Fundamentals of Project Management, and Leadership.

Through case studies and intensive projects across the business administration online degree program, you can become skilled at assessing organizational needs and implementing appropriate solutions. Eventually, you’ll put your knowledge to the test in a Business Simulation course where you manage a firm operating in a simulated industry. After developing a strategic plan and execution plan, you’ll monitor business results and modify your execution plans as needed, all while competing with others in this simulated industry.

Develop Practical Skills for Solving Real World Problems

After completing the online bachelor’s degree in business administration program, you should be able to:

  • Determine the extent of information needed, assess the needed information, evaluate information and its sources critically, use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose, and access and use information ethically and legally.
  • Communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, your understanding of and solutions for common business problems.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and communication skills when working with diverse team members to realize important business objectives.
  • Apply quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills to analyze business problems within and across functional business disciplines to positively affect financial performance.
  • Demonstrate attainment of discipline-specific knowledge and the practical skills to be effective in entry-level positions.

Create a Strong Foundation for Your Future

As a Bachelor of Business Administration online degree program graduate, you’ll be prepared to pursue entry-level careers in a variety of fields, including:

  • Accounting
  • Financial services
  • Economics
  • Personnel resources
  • Sales and marketing

Earn a Business Administration Online Degree on Your Schedule

South University, Online Programs can give you the flexibility and control to access your academic resources and business administration courses online anytime, day or night, whenever it’s most convenient for you. Our faculty and staff also make sure that online never means out of touch, supporting you every step of the way as you work toward achieving your goals.

Learn more about South University’s Bachelor of Business Administration online degree program today.

Note: This program is not available to residents of Alabama, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Washington DC.


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