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RN to BSN: 180 Credits
General Education: 90 Credits

A transcript evaluation is completed for each student to transfer in up to 90 general educaiton credits.  For students to receive block transfer credit for General Education courses, they must meet the standard outlined in the General Education Transfer Credit policy.

Nursing (45 transfer credits + 45 credits from South University): 90 Credits
NSG3005 Transition into Professional Nursing for RNs, 4 Credit Hours
NSG3012 Principles of Assessment for RNs, 4 Credit Hours
NSG3016 Caring for a Multicultural Society, 2 Credit Hours
NSG3028 Caring for the Community, 4 Credit Hours
NSG3036 Introduction to Nursing Research, 3 Credit Hours
NSG4028 Concepts of Teaching and Learning, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4029 Leadership in a Diverse Society, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4055 Illness and Disease Management Across the Life Span, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4064 Financial Management for Nurses, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4070 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, 2 Credit Hours
NSG4075 Holistic Professional Nursing, 6 Credit Hours
Nursing Electives: (Select One)
NSG4045 Health Promotion Across the Life Span, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4065 Complementary and Alternative Methods in Nursing, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4066 Palliative Care, 4 Credit Hours
NSG4067 Gerontological Nursing, 4 Credit Hours

South University, Online Program Offerings may not be available to residents of all states.  Please contact an admissions representative for further information.