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The program goals of the South University, West Palm Beach, Occupational Therapy Assistant Programs are as follows:

  • Prepare occupational therapy assistants who appreciate and adapt to diverse and alternative cultures, settings, systems, processes, and ideas.
  • Foster student skill in accessing relevant literature and information, using research-based evidence to make informed decisions in occupational therapy practice.
  • Cultivate student skill in effective critical thinking, problem-solving, and clinical reasoning with clients across the lifespan in diverse practice settings.
  • Foster development of student’s communication skills to promote effective, appropriate interaction with all stakeholders.
  • Instill in the student the values, attitudes and behaviors consistent with the occupational therapy profession's philosophy, standards and ethics.
  • Provide the student with opportunities to acquire skills in advocacy for the profession of occupational therapy to other professionals, service providers, consumers, third-party payers, regulatory bodies, professional associations and the public.
  • Provide the student with a challenging curriculum that prepares students to deliver occupational therapy assistant services with entry-level competency under the supervision of an occupational therapist in a variety of practice settings.
  • Impart to the student a passion for lifelong professional development to meet changing societal needs.

Provide ongoing opportunities for stakeholders in the OTA Program to have input into the development and evaluation of the OTA Program in ensure the Program remains true to its mission and philosophy

West Palm Beach Occupational Therapy Assistant Graduation Outcomes

The total number of graduates from the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at South University, West Palm Beach, during the three-year period of January 1, 2014 through December 1, 2016 is listed below.

Year Students Entered Program Number of Students Newly Enrolled Number of Students who Graduated Graduation Rate
Cohort 1: Winter 2013, graduating Spring 2014 15 14 93%
Cohort 2: Summer 2013, graduating Fall 2014 20 17 85%
Cohort 3: Winter 2014, graduating Spring 2015 16 12 75%*
Cohort 4: Summer 2014, graduating Fall 2015 15 14 93%
Cohort 5: Winter 2015, graduating Spring 2016 20 16 80%
Cohort 6: Summer 2015, graduating Fall 2016 19 13 68%*
* Cohort 3: Of the four students who entered but did not graduate, one was dismissed for academic reasons; two withdrew for personal reasons, and one passed away from undisclosed causes.
* Cohort 6: Of the six students who entered but did not graduate, four remain in the program and will graduate at a later date and two withdrew for personal reasons.
NOTE: This information is posted in compliance with ACOTE Standard A.4.2. Accurate and current information regarding student and program outcomes must be readily available to the public on the program's Web page. At a minimum, the following data must be reported for the previous 3 years: Total number of program graduates and graduation.
NOTE: Graduation rate is determined by dividing the number of students newly enrolled in a cohort of the Professional OTA Program by the number of students in that cohort who successfully complete degree requirements within 150% of the published length of the Professional OTA Curriculum, or within nine quarters, which includes time enrolled plus time sitting out.