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April 05, 2016

Inspired By Her Mother's Career As A Healthcare Provider

South University Newsroom

As a child, South University alumna Samira Monet’ Hayes often was inspired by her mother’s career as a healthcare provider. But when her grandfather became ill and needed care, Hayes suddenly understood the path she wanted her own career to take.

“The moment that made me feel like ‘this is my calling’ was when my grandad became ill and had to move in with my family,” she remembers. “I assisted my mom with dressing changes, medication administration, etc. The time I spent caring for my grandad made me feel like I was supposed to be a nurse.”

Hayes now works in the emergency room of McLeod Hospital in Florence, SC. She says the rigorous curriculum and high expectations of South University’s Nursing program prepared her well for the demands of working in emergency care.

“Long clinical hours and strict teachers are how South prepared me for my career in nursing,” Hayes explains. “The tests were hard, check-offs were harder, but the teachers made it that way because being a nurse is no easy task.

"The life of someone else is in my hands, and I had to prove competency in order to deem myself worthy of being in this position. If it was not for South University professors and clinical instructors, I would not have the foundation and knowledge-base to be a successful, critical thinking nurse.”

Hayes says her day-to-day responsibilities are patient-specific, and change often.

“For the most part I assess each patient regarding their primary complaint or stabilize the patient if they present to the Emergency Department (ED) unstable. I am responsible for drawing blood, obtaining IV access, performing EKG’s, informing the doctor about a concern or changes in the patient, and assessing the patient.

"Assessment of patients is something that is done continuously to see if the treatment we are providing is working or if we need to explore other treatment options. I am also responsible for advocating for my patients, making sure that their needs are met while in the ED and providing them with resources that may be useful to them when they are discharged.”

Hayes plans to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing with the eventual goal of becoming a nurse administrator. Education, she says, has been one of the most important pursuits in her life.

“Education is the key, simple and true. If I had not earned my degree I would not be in the position I am in today, nor would the opportunities that present themselves to me be available.”

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