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January 09, 2015

There is no typical day at the office

South University Newsroom

There is no typical day at the office for South University, Online 2010 Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate Sergio Ocampo. Each day his job brings new challenges and opportunities to help others in the middle of a serious health crisis.

Ocampo is an emergency room charge nurse at Dignity Health/Community Hospital of San Bernardino, California where he manages the first line of treatment for patients seeking help in the ER. Ocampo lists the fast-paced demands he faces while he is in charge of the emergency department.

“Facilitating the influx of patients, receiving ambulance in flux, and efficiently moving patients in and out of the department [while] providing the highest level of patient care,” he explains.

After his duties in the ER are finished, Ocampo says he then performs procedures on patients throughout the hospital where he inserts PICC/Central lines often needed for administering medications.

Ocampo already worked in healthcare before he graduated magna cum laude from South University. But he says what he learned while at South, has made a tremendous difference in how he feels about his work and his career.

“[I] considered myself a competent nurse, but after I received my BSN from South University, my confidence [went] through the roof, making me a valuable asset to my hospital [and] earning high respect from my colleagues and hospital administration,” he says.

Ocampo says he still hopes to earn his masters and doctorate degrees, and aspires to one day be a faculty member at South University. And, he has advice for any future nurses who want to follow in his footsteps.

“Hang in there, take advantage of the faculty and strive to be the best of the best. It actually pays off.”

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