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Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Tanisha Verge, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Class of 2018

A Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice builds on your basic knowledge of this field of study with courses that focus on the causes of crime and critical insights into the functions of the criminal justice system. Course topics include the response by police, courts, and corrections to crime and violence, ethical concerns, theoretical and applied criminal justice, causes of crime, and the process of adjudicating criminal cases. This degree serves as the springboard for an entry level position in any number of criminal justice areas including forensics, probation & parole, crime scene investigation, law enforcement and juvenile justice


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Success STories

Outstanding Education for Remarkable Careers

We're committed to helping our graduates make an impact in their professional and personal lives. We applaud our alumni and the difference they make. Check out what some of our Criminal Justice & Legal Studies graduates have to say.

Ellen Wright 2010
Ellen Wright Grad Alumni
Class of '10
Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

“I realized there were aspects of my job that I didn't like, but I was drawn to the regulatory side of it. My father always told me I had the mind for legal work, but at my age I wouldn't be able to recoup the investment in a law degree. So I started looking at legal assistant and paralegal job postings. The partially online format of South University's program was a good fit.”

Fritzlade Narcisse 2011
Fritzlade Narcisse Grad Alumni
Class of '11
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

“I always wanted to help people, and I always loved the law and immigration matters. When I took that immigration law class, I fell in love; I was hooked.”

Heather Schuckmann 2009
Heather Schuckmann Grad Alumni
Class of '09
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

“When I left my military career, I had to refocus my goals for the future. My mom has always encouraged me that all things in life happen for a reason, and the hurdles are no reason to stop growing and learning. At South University, I've discovered more possibilities for using my talents in the future. The difference now is that my purpose here is not about passing a class or making a grade. My purpose is to make a difference by showing others what I know works in the world; that's why I love the practical teaching and learning environment at South. My professors don't just encourage me to try to operate outside of the real world, we learn, as students and professionals, how our experiences can affect real life changes in real circumstances.”

Steve Knafelc 2013
Steve Knafelc Grad Alumni
Class of '13
Master of Science in Criminal Justice

“All of my classes were conducted online, and with my work schedule at the sheriff's office this was the best move for me to make.”

Vicki Tucci 1997
Vicki Tucci Grad Alumni
Class of '96
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

“Ultimately, I would like to use my experience and law degree to become a judge. As a young, single mom still fleshing out a career, I felt so clueless about many things. It was that hunger for knowledge that led me to South University’s program in paralegal studies. I got so much more than a classroom education. I found friends, professional contacts, and a world of inspiration from being around people who wanted to see me at my best.”

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