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The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program focuses on preparing students with the knowledge and skills they will need to pursue entry-level business careers. With courses such as Organizational Change Management, Strategic Management and Advanced Organizational Development, students can discover how to adapt business strategies to accommodate changing marketplace conditions. Courses that include Managerial Communications, Dynamic Decision Making and Leadership are designed to provide students with opportunities to understand and apply effective leadership skills. Through case studies and intensive projects, students will have the opportunity to gain the ability to assess organizational needs and implement effective improvement scenarios.

BBA students can also tailor their degree studies by selecting from nine areas of specialization: Accounting, Construction Management, Finance, Hospitality Management, Human Resources Management, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Real Estate or Supply Chain Management and Logistics. The BBA degree program culminates in a capstone project, a two-course sequence that focuses on the students’ area of emphasis and allows the student to apply the concepts and skills he or she has learned in real and simulated business situations. Graduates from the BBA degree program will be prepared to pursue entry-level careers in a variety of fields, including accounting, construction management, financial services, economics, personnel resources and sales and marketing.