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Doctor of Occupational Therapy | Dr. Ben Herz, Program Director

Doctor of Occupational Therapy | Dr. Ben Herz, Program Director

Dr. Ben Herz outlines the structure and benefits of the South University Doctor of Occupational Therapy program. Learn what makes South University's program different in this category.

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My name is Ben Herz, I am the program director of the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program here at South University.

The program is actually designed for those people who already have an occupational therapy degree, both bachelors and masters. What we're doing is, we're concentrating more on the constructive critical thinking aspect, making sure that they're getting advanced knowledge using evidence based practices for that. Being able to support their area of practice, and look at the specialty area that they may be in, whether it's pediatrics or all through geriatrics, or even phycology.

There are two different tracks, the baccalaureate degree, of course, has a couple of courses that are gonna be prerequisite course that they would need to take before they come into the actual program. Masters can come in right away. I was one who went and got his doctorate after getting a degree, and it really brought me back to the nature of what occupational therapy is, and how to implement various different things into that. It just made me a better therapist, I think.

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